Ruiz 4 Kids awards hundreds of thousands of dollars of scholarships to graduating high school seniors and community college transfer students every year. Many past recipients speak from their hearts when they share their stories about the important role that a Ruiz 4 Kids scholarship played in helping them transform their dream of attending college into a reality.

Scholarship Information

In 2019, we awarded scholarships to 495 high school students and 42 transfer students.

Who can apply?

Applicants must attend a high school or community college within specific areas near:

  • Dinuba/Tulare, California
  • Denison, Texas
  • Florence, South Carolina

Applicants must be:

  • A high school senior with a minimum overall 3.0 GPA if applying to attend a 4-year college/university, and 2.5 GPA if applying to attend a trade school or community college.
  • Or a community college student with a minimum overall 3.0 GPA applying to attend an accredited 4-year college/university.


Ruiz 4 Kids has scholarship committees in Dinuba, Denison and Florence that review all applications and select the scholarship recipients in their communities.



  1. Application
  2. Personal Statement
  3. Resume
  4. Transcript
  5. Letter of Recommendation
  6. Signed Consent Form

Consent Form - Please download, print and sign the Consent Form. Email the signed consent form to in order to complete your application.

The deadline to submit your 2020 scholarship is
February 20, 2020

  • Pictured: Chelsea Klaseus

    Being the recipient of a Ruiz 4 Kids scholarship not only helped me attend the university I had dreamed of attending since I was a child, but it also made me feel the value of being invested in. Feeling invested in was the catalyst of dedicating myself to education and a meaningful career, and gave me the desire to pay it forward by investing in others. As a public servant and a manager at the City of San Diego, I spend my day providing services to the citizens of my community and investing in the development of my staff. As a Ruiz 4 Kids donor, your investment in the lives of the next generation continues to pay dividends and has a powerful ripple effect.

    Chelsea Klaseus

    B.A. in Managerial and
    Organizational Communication,
    Point Loma Nazarene University
    2001 Ruiz 4 Kids Scholarship Winner
  • I would like to take this time and thank you once again for your scholarship. I have been attending UC San Diego as a structural engineer. I have joined several clubs, including Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), Rocket Propulsion Laboratory (RPL), and the Society of Civil and Structural Engineers (SCSE). Without your scholarship UCSD would be out of my reach.

    Marvin Machado III
  • This scholarship will help me achieve my goal of becoming a medical provider here in the Central Valley someday. I will do my best to represent this scholarship and our community well while attending college and furthering my education.

    Koby Tripp
  • I plan on becoming an elementary school teacher! Thank you for your support to help me reach my career goal!

    Crystal Santos
    Lemoore, CA
  • Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to continue my education. Your contribution has had a great impact on my life. Every time I felt like giving up, I remembered that you all believe in my potential and it encouraged me to continue working hard.

    Juana Zamora
  • As a first generation Mexican American and the first in my family to attend a university, I will make sure to do my absolute best in achieving my goals.

    Manuela Vargas
  • It means the world and more that you are helping me to pursue my dreams.

    Kayla McFarland
    Hanford, CA
  • Because of you I am one step closer to reaching my highest dreams and goals.

    Julie Cluutt